Would dotFIT ever consider producing a powdered electrolyte supplement? I thought that if you ran with the idea, you could incorporate the superior science and formulation that has earned dotFIT such respect: something like vitamin water meets Gatorade, with purposeful micronutrients added to aid in recovery. Alternatively, could we just add some electrolytes to a version of AminoFormula for the best of both worlds? Do you think there would be a market for a product like this?


You're spot on with the idea of adding electrolytes to something like AminoFormula for people that train like endurance athletes. We did it back in the day but our market for that product wasn't big enough to support continuing to make it (you have to produce almost 1 million units before you get a price break that allows people to afford to purchase). So we ended up telling people that needed both electrolytes and structural recovery, to mix AB with Gatorade.
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