Need some weight loss vegetarian menu diets to follow.


If you’re a member of a gym that uses our program and products, the best thing to do is talk to a certified trainer who can set up a complete weight loss plan for you, including a customized workout plan.

If not, you can find a location near you here  or sign up for an online program and set it up yourself here . Once you answer all of the questionnaires, you’ll see your daily calorie targets as well as menus under the food tab. One of the menus is designed for Vegetarians and you can swap out similar foods as long as the calorie content is similar. Be sure to enter your weight in the program every 7 days when it prompts you to so that you stay on track.

We also have vegetarian recipes here

In your dotFIT program, you’ll also see recommendations for Dietary Support which will help fill nutrient gaps and support your fitness goals.. A complete list of vegetarian products can be found here 

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