I will be adding intermittent fasting to my daily routine to see if I can lose the fat I’ve been hanging on to. My first meal will begin at 10am but I work out from 6-7am. I tried the AminoFormula at my facility but got a splitting headache. Will the recover & build bcaa tablets work just as well. I’m concerned about losing muscle if I don’t take anything right after or before my workout if I add the intermittent fasting. Thank you!


Thank you for reaching out. It’s hard to say whether your headache is being caused by the product or by the fact that you’re fasting and exercising – which leads to low blood sugar. Low blood sugar is a sure trigger for headaches.

You could certainly try to use the Recover & Build which may help support your muscle tissue. Also, be sure your total daily protein intake is between .6 to 1 gram per pound of your body weight to support your muscle. Active people need more protein than sedentary individuals. Training with resistance/weights at least 3 times a week will help too.

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